Cigar of the Gods is the brainchild of Anthony J. Tine, who has been in the cigar industry for over 17 years. As a young college student, Anthony devised a business plan for a cigar shop as his final project for a business management degree. Shortly after graduation, he made his plan come to life.

Anthony’s passion for and extensive knowledge of the cigar industry led to the creation of the Cigar of the Gods.

After listening to the opinions of numerous cigar connoisseurs and sampling a varieties of tobacco, Anthony devised his first cigar, the Adonis cigar. The creation of his first cigar took some time. Anthony wanted to create a hand made, high quality cigar. He wanted to be absolutely sure that the cigar that consumers purchased was a cigar that they would want to smoke again and again. He achieved that with the Adonis cigar!

After several years of high praises from consumers, about the Adonis cigar and their requests for additional high quality cigars similar to the Adonis, Anthony felt that it would be time to expand the line and added the Adonis Maduro and Fuego Del Dios.

Naturally, the success of Cigar of the Gods led Anthony to offer the line to the masses!

The Cigar of the Gods line is available ONLINE ONLY!

Take a tour of our new website, all designed to give you access to some of the finest cigars. Anthony developed three cigars for you:

Contact us or look through our shopping cart and find what you are looking for. From the cigars listed above, cigar accessories, cigar gift packs and even specializing in select fresh coffee for our customers, we care about the craft and elegance that goes into making such specialty items. Stop smoking cheap cigars and start smoking cigars designed for the gods…now go buy cigars online!

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